Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday Afternoon Knitting

Along with the Friday night knitting group at LRM there is one that meets on Wednesday afternoon.  I know that there are some that attend both and others who are lucky to make it to one.  I am one of the ones who have only been able to make it to Friday night.

This week they are going to be working on the drains at the Condo where I work and there will be no water for the washroom that I use.  So I have Wednesday off!!!! (Doing a happy dance for being off.)  Only problem is that the car is in Brampton with my Son and Bev is in hospital and Sis is in Edmonton.

Where there is the will I can find the way.  Heading up to U Hospital tomorrow by bus and Bev and I will have our own knitting group.

Her staples have been removed and she has had clear liquids again and again she is not keeping them down.  No indication as to when she will be allowed to go home.  I must say she sounded very chipper when I talked with her today.

So -- to the LRM knitters --Bev and I are with you in spirit.  She thinks she may even knit and I have upteen unfinished projects and 3 VIP ones so I am sure I will get some done.  And just think of all that bus travelling and waiting time I will have!

Have fun where ever you are - and many more special days.


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