Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Pictures

Haven't found my cell phone and it is over two weeks gone and truthfully I haven't looked REAL hard.

Bev is very glad because just before I got there tonight they decided to put a tube down one nostril to pump out all the "uck" that is in her stomach.  Looks a bit like a space alien and the dark stuff coming out sure adds to the overall picture.

Her colour is back to normal and she looks much more alert.  Has been able to look at a few knitting magazines and pick out some patterns to use so she definitely is improving.

Did you know that if you go on the website for the Hospital, under Family and Friends it gives a link to send an e-card.  (Drop down choices for Hospital is University and room number is 8A-102C)  You get your choice of pictures and can send a message.  The volunteers print it out during the day and deliver it to her room.  She was surprised and pleased to get the one I sent last night.  And no postage so more money for yarn!  Her last name is Mepsted for those who don't know it.

She had hoped to be home tomorrow but she definitely will not be.

In somewhat related news, I have been knitting but nothing finished.  Well, the sleeves are finished for my sweater if that counts.  Think I'll pick up the stitches for the bottom of the skirt tonight and then can do the ribbing tomorrow.

Enjoy today - and many more days.


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