Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One Step Back

Had an afternoon of fairly boring work and not too many interruptions so at least I am getting the info entered.

Had David drop me off at the hospital later for a short visit with Bev.  She has been having a rough 24 hours.  Every so often she has a burp and some very dark liquid coming up.  They did an X-ray this morning and nothing of some concern was found.  All in all the Doctors are very pleased with her progress.  Bev would be much more pleased if she was able to have something by mouth.  Here's hoping it settles soon.

The very nice lady she had in the bed across from her was able to go home today after three weeks total in two hospitals.  Am very glad for her but would have been nicer for Bev to have her there.  Now has another man in the room just past surgery so she is a step up on two of the men.

Her daughter and youngest granddaughter were also up with a friend so I didn't stay too long.  Will call her soon to stay in touch.

Must admit her room is a pleasant temperature especially compared to what it has been today!  Took me about an hour to get home on the bus so I am tired and really hot so heading off to lay down.

Enjoy today -- and many more days.


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