Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Saga

Went up to visit Bev today with a cherry smile, coaster for when she can have drinks, and a card from the ladies at the LRM groups.  The card and notes from everyone were very much appreciated.  I am sure they will be read again and again.  She asked me to send her thanks for all the well wishes.

She has a feeding tube in the nostril now which is much better.  It at least is putting something positive in her rather than taking out the icky black stuff.  Apparently she went down by wheelchair to radiology because they couldn't get the tube in properly.  The Doctor had the machines turned back on and very quickly had the tube inserted and everything working well.  Otherwise she would have had to wait until Monday to have it done and she certainly didn't want to wait that long.

Two of her roommates have gone home today and a lady came in just after I got there but she will not be staying long as she will be going down to surgery sometime soon for a transplant.  After surgery she goes to a special ward. That is all we learned before I left.

I made 2 trips to the pop machine that is in a waiting room area just as you get off the elevator.  Only problem is that the machine doesn't accept the new loonies or quarters and it doesn't like a toonie either.  Cost of a bottle is $2.25.  Bev had to get up anyway so then we went for a walk to the pop machine and this time I got the right combination of coins so I had my drink.  Some gentleman dropped off a newspaper so Bev got to catch up on some news items.

She is still not knitting but her interest in reading and the news headlines is a good start.  She has to eat and keep food down before she can go home.  Think she is hoping for Tuesday but I personally think that Wednesday is more realistic.

Both of us had wanted to go to the Home County Festival but it looks like neither of us will be getting there.  One of her granddaughters wants to go to Rib Fest but I am doubting that.  However I am not her Doctor and I know that she will do what she wants to do.

When she does go home, a friend who is a nurse and a knitter has offered to help her out and even do some cooking.  I made sure she knew I was good for takeout food or going out to eat anytime she wants because I don't do any cooking.  I had to eat alone after knitting last night which seemed very wrong that she wasn't available.  When she can we will be going for Lobster, I have been informed.  Don't tell her but I think I will be buying for both of us!!!!!

Hope you have a good day ---- and many, many more good ones.


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