Saturday, February 15, 2014


Five years since The Little Red Mitten opened in St. Thomas.  Have been going for most of that time but not so much the past few months.  Hard for me to drive at night and so tired out some weeks that it is hard to make myself go on my own.

Did go down last Saturday and got some reflective yarn to make a hat for one of the Superintendents.  Looked at some other yarn I really liked but decided not to.  Than the newsletter came with info about yarns on sale and discounts even on regular price yarn.  So back today with my Sister.  Got some black reflective yarn for my FavGrandson.  Just finished a long plain ribbed one for him but think he should have a reflective one since he works removing snow and not all is done in bright sunlight.

Also signed for two courses with Lucy Neatby.  Have had courses with her and have her videos but there is always something to learn and I enjoy her and it will do me good to get out with other knitters.

Was very nice to see some people I knew at the shop and catch up with some news.

My very best wishes to Joan for continued success for the store, to her staff for their cheerful, helpful service, and to the knitters -- may all your projects go well.


Kali and Aswell March 9, 2014 at 7:01 PM  

hey! I did not seed you did blogged!!! Welcome back to blogging with me! And Aswell too!

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