Friday, February 28, 2014

Finished Projects

Have been doing quite well with the projects.

One I started last Summer and completed the start of February with a long break in between as had cataract surgery and couldn't read the charts for quite awhile.  Have adapted to enlarging the charts and putting glasses on to read them.  It used to be the glasses had to come off but I'll get used to it since I can go without glasses most of the time now.

My grand-niece had her own project started and now the two are together.  He is a real cutie born February 15 at 8 lbs. 6oz.

Have even started a shawl for another grand-niece although she hasn't started her own project as yet.  Thought it would be nice to start getting ahead of the game.

One of my knitting friends wanted a shawl done for a wedding in March and leery about doing lace and the time constraint so I made a shawl for her.

Design is called "Wings To Heaven" and it sits very nice on the shoulders.  Used the same yarn as the baby shawl and a rayon thread I had.  Think it turned out very well and looking forward to seeing it with the dress it was intended for.  The dress is a shade lighter than the baby shawl yarn.  Not sure if she intends to put beads on it or not.

So I got two projects finished and only started the one so very proud of myself.  Now if I could only finish a few more projects!

Off to knit before I start adding up all the projects I have to finish and all the ones I want to start!


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