Wednesday, August 6, 2014

2nd Anniversary July 30

Two years since David died.  Two years of tears, questions and trying to carry on living.  Not as frozen.  Can find laughter.  Have become closer to some and don't hear from others at all.  All part of life now.

One thing David loved was blowing bubbles and especially sharing them with others.  So as has become my practice we went out to the Southwestern Ontario Bereaved Parents Garden in Springbank Park and blew some bubbles.  There was his Aunt, Cousin and myself.

Frist thing we saw was a single butterfly and the only one of the day.  It was quite quiet there in that corner of the park.  Only the occasional noisy car could be heard although the spot it quite close to a busy intersection.

 Still the temporary sign up but they have done a lot of clearing and hope to have the second wall built this year.

Once Cousin appeared things got a bit more fun and a bubble "fight" even ensued.

The bubbles caught the eye of a hawk and one swopped down to check out what was going on.

Just before we left a 6' length of branch fell down from a nearby dead looking tree.  It was in a position to outline the edge of the path.  We decided that David must have kicked it loose.

Later we went to a lovely restraint in Wortley Village for a nice meal eaten on the patio watching the world going by.  Seemed very fitting.


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