Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Trip - Day 1 - 2014

On the Thursday DA and I went to Port Hope and visited Ev.  We had met in Europe when David was just past 3 so have known each other a long time.  Don't see each other all too often nor talk on the phone either but she is always there when I need her and I hope I am there for her.  They have just recently sold their house of 38 years and moved into an apartment so a big change and adjustment.  She truly misses David and thinks of him often so it seemed very fitting to have even a short visit with her.  The driving was almost twice as long as the time spent together but we both needed the hugs.

Friday was the first day of our Family Trip.  One car from Oshawa with 2 Granddaughters GDT and GDJ, and 1 boyfriend Scott.  One car from Brampton with myself, DA, Andy, FGS and GDA, and myself with the camping equipment.  Met in Victoria Harbour for DL and Ross.  Redistributed the passengers, camping equipment and people before heading off to North Bay through to Cochrane.

Spent the night at a lovely campground just north of Moonbeam.  Highly recommend it even though we had little daytime hours to enjoy the swimming, boating and trails.  They have an old railroad car converted into 2 units that sleep 4 and one unit that sleeps 6-8.  Place is called Twin Lakes Camping and some of the full time trailers even had hot tubs beside the lake.

 Open door led to our half.

 The kitchen - dining area.

One of two bedrooms with bunk beds.  There was also two futons in the front room that made down into double beds.  And of course two 2-piece bathrooms.  Showers down the road required quarters.

Out the back.

Part of the front patio.  Parking was on the other side of the hedge so you saw very little of anyone else.  And the price was $150 per night which I think is reasonable for 10 people to have a place to stay.  Bring your own bedding and dishes and towels (which we had forgotten).


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