Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Trip - Day 2 - 2014

Another plus for the camp site - easy trip over to Kapuskasing which has 2 Tim Hortons.  What could be better?  I guess if you remembered exactly what everybody wanted but there was never such a thing as a coffee shop when we lived up North.

Achieved one purpose of visiting Kap -- found the grounds of the public school the kids had attended for 3 years.  We knew it had been pulled down as David hadn't located it on his trip to the area.

Grounds are on the left and the old hospital is on the left.  It is now a Community Centre and apparently being well used.  The Diamond Jubilee Public School is now in a lovely building with the high school and there is a lovely new hospital out in a new subdivision on the east side of town.
One of the things that Kap was noted for was the two tall smoke stacks that spewed the smelliest sulphuric smoke from the paper mill and the dirty foaming water that collected below the dam.
Both have been cleaned up and there is now a very lovely park alongside of the Cove.

What a lovely change!

The GM Cold Weather Testing Centre is still there, the memorial to dead War Prisoners, and two cemeteries are there before the tiny airport as you head west.  Used to laugh that if you could survive seeing that stretch of road and the smell from the paper mill - you could survive anything.

Had a very nice lunch at a restraint in a mall with a great clothing store beside it.  Yes, we did some shopping.

Then headed out to Lowther where we had been stationed for 3 years.  David had difficulty finding it but with the newer Google maps and smart phones we found it very easily.
 A photo I found on a web site that talks about the base is above and below is the base today at the end of the main road in before it has really broken up.
 Looking off to the area where our trailer would have been.

Lots of good memories and stories.  Couldn't find the quarry where the kids had walked to for swimming.  And where a little boy that DL had babysat played one time with the puppies.  Only problem was that they were bear cubs.

Then on to Hearst where I had worked for two years as a dispatcher for the OPP.  They have a nice new building -- right beside a new Tims.  How very appropriate many will be saying.  Did remember the old building and got some pictures of it.
Sargent lived upstairs and the radio room was right behind that flag pole. Three garages on the left.  Number of different businesses using the building now.

Main road seems wider, more businesses and busier.  Would have loved to see the main business street but didn't this trip although it was just one street south.

Stopped at the Moose as that was a big attraction when talking the youngest into going North.  They have built a tourist info building and some additional animals so a very nice spot to stop for a visit.

Into Cochrane for a night at the Station Inn.


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