Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Trip - Day 3 Part 2 - 2014

It started to rain so headed up into town to grab something to eat.  There was a KFC - pizza place but any similarity to something we know was strictly in the name.  They ran out of chicken and a party size pizza was just slightly bigger than a medium and cost $28.95.  Went into the attached Northern Store which are found across the Artic.  Checked out a few prices as David often talked about them.

Want some pop?

How about some bananas?
 Or potatoes?  Everyone uses them.
No wonder everyone that was coming home or visiting family had lots of groceries with them.

Across the side street was the Northern College with a radio station.  The public school also was part of the same building and a community centre to the left of this picture.  Found out later that the High School is a few streets North.
Across the street from this school was the Church,  Post Office and the Police Station down the way.

At 5 the train heads back to Cochrane.  I spent some of the time in the Observation Car and some in the regular car.  There is some food choices available on the train but some prices were higher than Cochrane but not too bad.  A better choice was to bring snacks and such with you.

Back in our rooms at Station Inn before midnight.


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