Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Trip - Day 3 Part 1 - 2014

Day started with a trip to Tims - of course - then downstairs to the train tracks on the south side of the building.  The inter-city buses stop on the north side of the building.

Train is the Polar Bear Express which was to have left at 9 but was a few minutes late for mechanical reasons.  Lot of train motion, there is a domed car for better viewing and you better like seeing trees.

 Typical views from each side of the train.  And that is all you will see plus 1 hydro dam and three rivers until you are 12 miles out from Moosonee.
When you get 12 miles out, the train crosses the Moose River and regular travelers know this spot well along with many other spots related to the mile markers as there are several stops and buildings along the tracks where the train can be flagged down or will stop.  Below are pictures taken crossing the river.

After at least 4 hours (or a bit more) you come to the town of Moosonee.
No paved roads and scattered rain showers so hurried (?) and walked straight to the river.  It is lovely and really has to be seen to be appreciated!!
 First is looking north then swinging around to the south.  Moose Factory is back behind the islands across from where we took the pictures.

 Reason for coming -- scatter the last of David's ashes. 
Last year some were spread in Georgian Bay outside DL and Ross' house in Victoria Harbour.
This year we went North as David loved the area. 
When we were posted to Lowther one of the principals I worked for at the time laughed that I thought I was going North as he had been at Moose Factory the previous few years.
Now I am sure that David was laughing at us for we thought Moosonee was the far North when he had been to Alert, Resolute Bay, Kugaaruk Nunavut, and many other places in the Arctic.  We did our best with 10 people travelling.
Sorry, no canoe this year.


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