Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family Trip - Day 4 - 2014

Early morning was time to head home.  Had to get from point A to point B in shortest possible time because the 400 can be bad on holiday weekends.  Actually traffic got slower as we neared Toronto but able to easily get off and go down a nearby highway.  Wasn't too tired when we reached Brampton and really wanted by own bed so I headed home.  Few minutes to midnight and I was walking into the apartment.  Was tired but I got my own bed to sleep in.

So, would I do it again - YES.
A trip with the family -- yes but that is going to be harder and harder to arrange as the grandkids get more and more involved in their own lives, plans, working and families.
A trip to Moosone -- yes but with some changes.
-- Did the North Bay route twice -- time and mileage to Hearst is 11 hours 15 minutes and 1083.75 kilometres.  Nice to see once.  There is some through the Shield than a very flat, rural area near New Liskard.  (Picture at our lunch stop of Harveys).

Would do the Sudbury route at least once as more in the Shield and MapQuest states that it is 11 hours 40 minutes and 1097 kilometres.  Both measurements are from where I now live to Hearst.
-- Would spend more time in Cochrane to see all the things we missed -- to see the live Polar Bear and habitat, there is a Needlework store, the lake and might even make it to the Tim Horton Museum.
Did see Chimo .

Also saw the Trading Post but would love to see inside it as never found any souveners.
-- Would see more of Moosonee as there is a street called David Wayne Rd.  Would love a picture of the street sign if nothing else.  Must contact the Post Office and see if there is someone there to tell me if he did go to that particular office.
-- And definitely would go to Moose Factory and stay overnight.  Sounds like a very interesting trip and experience on the island.
-- Would like to spend two nights at Moonbeam -- to relax and explore more of the grounds.  Would hopefully have my scooter so could get around.  Could spend some time in Kap and visit their yarn store.
-- Brief visit at Lowther to honour the memories.  Can always take the opportunity to honour the place.
-- Brief visit to Hearst and trip along the main street just to see the changes and to see if it feels the same.
-- Then home either by one of the familiar routes or down through Hornepayne  Would love to see the place.  Did overnight dispatching for them, had a Corporal from London go there, and the area is near the Agawa Canyon where the tourist train travels through.
Thought I would be more settled going up there this year but found many places I would like to drive through and/or stop at.  Not sure if that is a good thing but does give a good reason to plan.  Good at planning things but some days that is all that keeps me going.  Want to knit so many things but now I add the words "before I die" so end up not wanting to knit.  Have to start setting a time limit rather than using those ominous words.


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