Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eight Sleeps - April 29

After booking it nearly two years ago, I am down to 8 sleeps left before our flight to Amsterdam for a Rhine River Cruise.  Now I am starting to get excited and stressed and anxious. 

All the concerns about what I will or will not be able to do, am I taking the right clothes, have I left the house in a good state, will we manage "our" part of the trip, etc.  Taking a page from my Sister and starting to worry about what might never be.
The reality is that our info from the Cruise line arrived yesterday. 

There was no buzzer number indicated so the FedEx delivery person couldn't figure out that if the Superintendent accepts parcels for Purolator just maybe he would accept a parcel from him.  Must change the sign on the front board to list the delivery companies we will accept items from.
 Had to make a trip out to their depot which worked out fine.

 Get luggage tags, stickers to wear when we arrive so we can meet the people who have to get us to the ship, and 2 books each.  One tells us details of what we need to take, packing, general information and such.  The other tells a lot about the areas we will be going through, the cities and destroyed castles -- seems like a lot of them.
But I like to have lots of information so had already printed out info from the web site, details of the bookings we have made for "our" portion of the trip and travel info for a lot of the places.  And a knitting pattern but haven't pulled the yarn and needles out as yet.
And a lot of my clothes are laying out on my bed so I can make final decisions about what to take and such so that is some major decisions made.
  Now to just get it all into a suitcase!


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