Sunday, June 7, 2015

Train to Amsterdam - May 19

Great breakfast at the hotel.  When it is this good and is included it does make sense to enjoy it.

Decided to take a tram tour of the city to see the downtown and all.  The hotel didn't mind holding our bags for us and the tram is just across the road.  Only cost 8 euros and had a hour ride.  Was fun just to sit back and see all the houses and gardens rolling by.  People watching was also fun as had school kids and seniors.

Saw this bird on one of the platforms and very curious as to what type of bird it is so any input appreciated.

 This is where we turned around at the end of our trip.  Was interested to see that it is on the Rhine and that the seven other towns were listed.  Here Lambeth that touches "old" London can't get regular bus service even though it is now part of London but this town is 17km away from Karlsuhe city centre and has service every 15 minutes.  Have included a link telling the history of the system and ideas behind it.  Only wish our politicians had as much sense to do this!!!!

Finally time to collect the bags and head to the train station.  Karlsruhe has elevators to the platforms and all clearly marked so it was easy to reach our platform.

A lot of the trains were inter-city so they were two story much like the Toronto Go train. 

 And if you hadn't come prepared there was snacks available before you got on the train.
 Advertisement for some shows coming up in the Cologne area.
 Some of the inter-country high speed bullet trains.
 On the platform at Cologne where some people were checking out exactly where their car would be when it reached the platform.

Got into Amsterdam in the early evening. 
Came out of their station which services the trains, buses and ferry and walked to the right of where we had started our canal cruise and crossed the square.  A turn to the right to cross the street and our hotel was just down a few doors.

Every trip should have one hotel like this! Definitely an entry of its own.


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