Thursday, May 7, 2015

One Sleep

Or to be honest -- part of a sleep.  Last night my mind was racing so wound one hank of wool to calm me down.  Slept from 6:30 a.m. to 8:45 and then out to Boys & Girls Club for knitting and then a swim.  I almost didn't swim but it turned out one of my favorite instructors there so that was a very nice surprise.

Then lunch on a patio, tea on Starbuck's patio and nice visit with Sister.  Errand for work, into work but didn't get much done so just back from there to get all the copying done.  Two friends in this evening for a nice night of knitting -- although only I knit about 25 stitches.  They helped me get organized and decide on some things so it helped keep me calm.

Been too busy to take pictures so you just get some more words.

Dishwasher unloaded -- yes  (you really wanted a picture of that didn't you?)

Tonight's few cups put in -- yes

Frig cleaned out -- nope.  Too late to take the bags of garbage down.

New sheets left out for when my cleaning lady comes the day we fly home.  In a way I am already looking to being back in my own bed.

Copying of papers == all done, all organized

Email re emergency contacting -- sent to those who should have it.  And email giving the blog address also sent.

Carry on bag -- nearly complete

Purse -- nearly complete

Knitting -- one project started, second project in my purse, not taking the third I had set aside.  Don't think I will take the never-ending project that I have carried in my purse for ages but just might.

In the morning my Sister and BIL are picking me up and we are going for breakfast before they drop me off at Robert Q.  That is the airport shuttle that will take me to Toronto.  Will meet Andrea there so will be taking my phone with me.  Soon as I meet up with her I plan to turn it off until we are back in Canada.  That idea makes it feel more like a holiday.

Well it is almost midnight so guess I better finish off.  Also have to finish winding a ball of wool to take with me.  That will sooth me and make it easier to sleep - I hope.


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